- Pre-Production is Key

Planning ahead is always a good idea...especially in the live event world. The more you can plan, talk out your plan, rehearse your plan and do it all over again, then better.

- Build a Great Team

Having a great team is what makes an event a success. It takes time to find the right pieces and chemistry, but it is essential to have a strong team for live production. Finding people who have a desire to produce an event with excellence is key. 

- Know Your Role

Along with building a great team, each member must know his or her role. As a producer, I am ultimately responsible for having people in the right place to be successful. I cannot have the stage manager be the least friendly person on the crew. I can't have a director who is too shy to put the cameramen in the right places. For a team to be truly great, everyone must be placed in their proper role and accept it.

- Forget About It (Have a Short Memory)

Although you've planned and practiced. Although you have the perfect team assembled. Once the event goes live, all bets are off. Anything can happen in a live event. Greatness will happen. Mistakes will happen. The key is having a short memory and moving on to what's next. When something does not go as planned, being able to forget about it is very important. You cannot dwell on it. You have to find a way to resolve it, and go on to the next cue. If technical issues happen, fix them. Forget about them. If cameramen miss their shots or VTR misses their cue, correct them, and move on. 

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