Pour Out - Fill Up

We sing songs about it, we read in the Bible about it,  we hear sermons about it, and there has been countless magic tricks in kids church about it; The church loves to talk about “pouring out and filling up.” 

To most believers it is probably a prayer they are familiar with, “Lord, fill me up with your (insert: grace, love, mercy, kindness, patience, compassion, etc.) so I can be poured out to those that need you.

It’s a great prayer and it’s an a miraculous thing when someone commits to ‘pouring out’ all of their love to reach the lost and hurting. 

Why should it be any different for creativity? We don’t have to look very long in the Bible to find creativity. In Genesis 1 we get to read about how God (who ,by the way, IS creativity Himself) spoke this earth into existence. From the enormous vastness of the universe down to the intricate workings of an atom, God spent days being creative.

We can also look at the many parables that Jesus told to find another example of creativity. He thought outside of the box so that people might better understand His love.

God didn’t hold back when he was creating us or the entire universe. He put everything He had into being creative. Jesus was the same way. He didn’t keep some of his best stories on the back burner just in case he would really need an amazing parable some day. He poured out his very best, knowing that His father would fill him back up.

Just like we pray to be filled with grace, love, mercy, kindness, patience, and compassion, we need to trust that the Lord will also continuously fill us with creativity. God’s supply is endless.

James 1:5 says, “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God and He will give it you. He will not rebuke you for asking.” 

Johnathan Malm writes about wisdom this way in his book, Created For More, “Wisdom is simply a form a creativity. It’s seeing the world through the right perspective to inform your decisions”

God not only wants to give us creative ideas, He wants to give them to us generously.
Don’t hold back for something that may seem more important, instead trust that the ultimate “creative”, the creator of the Universe, is ready to pour into you fresh and anew. 


Written by Kyle Lee

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