Being Unoriginal

Freedom will be granted today. 

As the week comes to an end, and deadlines begin to loom; the creative energy is depleted and projects become burdens. 

We've all been there. We've all felt that burden to create the freshest, most original piece, only to burn ourselves out halfway through. We want to develop a game-changer, but we don't have the time to get it all done. 

Here comes the freeing part: Be Unoriginal.

Yes, it is okay to be unoriginal. It is alright to use someone else's idea. It is even okay to use someone else's template or video. 

Do we want to strive and push to be original in our art? Of course! We want to push our creative boundaries and bring fresh life to every project! The reality in the church context, however, is that sometimes, time to create is hard to find. In those instances, it is okay to look for creativity and projects in other places. 

There are thousands (if not millions) of resources available to make your life as a church creative simpler. Churches share their materials, companies provide cheap, customizable templates. Everything you produce does not have to be original to the world, it should just be original to your church context (and sometimes it doesn't even have to be original then!). 

Today, find freedom in the fact that it is okay to use a template. It is okay to get a free PSD. file and change the title. It is alright!

The only thing you need to do with this unoriginal originality is give credit where credit is due. 

And pass along your knowledge of resources to those other creatives who are sweating under the burden of creating original pieces every week.