Our July Gathering

On Tuesday, July 21, we will be having our next CREATE:gathering. It will be at NorthChurch, in Oklahoma City. These gatherings are the lifeblood of the CREATE:initiative. It is why we do what we do. 

Each gathering has a single mission in mind: To Connect, Learn and Grow.


We strive to Connect creatives with each other. Gather around the dinner table to share stories and ideas. To create new bonds and friendships. To share life together. This is what the CREATE:initiative is all about! We are continually amazed at the connections made at each of these gatherings.

We desire that you Learn something at each gathering. By bringing in creative professionals, local church creatives and giving opportunities for your questions to be answered, we hope to provide an arena for gaining new insights. At this gathering, Stephen Kramer, the production director at NorthChurch will be with us to discuss Leading from the Middle. As production director, Stephen must take leadership from his senior pastor and leaders and distribute it to those on his creative team. How do we successfully communicate the vision of the pastor to those on our team? What happens when the creative team isn't getting it? What about when the pastor can't catch the creative vision? These are all things Stephen will be sharing at our July gathering.

As you Connect and Learn, our final hope is that you Grow with each gathering. Our ultimate goal is that the CREATE:initiative serves to bring growth to you, your creative endeavors and those on your team. This is why we do what we do. Some of the stories of growth we have heard are truly a blessing to our team! 

The CREATE:gathering is a place for you. Whether you are on staff, a volunteer, a student, freelancer or just interested; won't you join us? Bring your entire creative team. Bring anyone you can think of who might enjoy it! The gathering is completely free to attend, we just ask that you would register so that we may have a headcount.