Bringing Hope

Sometimes...we forget why we are really working in the local church.


That statement isn't intended to bring guilt, inspire shame or is merely a statement. I forget why I am working for the local church. I lose sight of what my true purpose is.

My true purpose is to bring Hope. 

Your true purpose is to bring Hope.

Yeah, I get have to please your leaders. We all do. I also get the challenge to keep up with technology, design and culture. But none of those efforts can take the place of showing people Jesus. No technology, no artwork, no moving video can do what Jesus can do.

We have the wonderful opportunity to bring hope to the world...and that hope is Jesus. 

So, when we are frustrated, tired, missing the point or ready to give up...may we remember that Hope is coming. May we remember that we have the awesome responsibility of showing the world that Hope.

May we remember to show the world Jesus.