Something More

I recently wrapped up a video project that I am very excited about. Generally, once I finish a project, I am so tired of seeing it that I never want to view it again. What's worse, I hardly want the person/group its intended for to see it. 

Often, the initial planning, dreaming and scheming offers a giant picture of what could be. Once the project has wrapped, however, all those dreams of looking like a Christopher Nolan film are gone. I have a problem getting the finished product to look like initially imagined.

"Why is that?" I wonder aloud.

After going through this sequence project after project, time after time, I have come to a single conclusion:

I must find something more.

There are limits to everything we produce. Budget, time, experience, ingenuity. There is always something that caps our output. I think the challenge is finding ways to get something more out of our work.

What can we do to make sure we are getting the most (maybe more) out of our ability?


You know the saying, "if you aren't learning, you aren't breathing." I think there is essential truth in that statement, but I think it goes deeper. What are you learning? In the creative world, we must always be researching and developing new techniques. This isn't merely looking for inspiration. This is about finding out how to produce the lighting you want. This is about knowing that the gear doesn't matter as much as the way the shot is set up. If we can continue to learn about our craft we will be able to add something more to our output.

I am always looking for something more. I am always looking to be better. Often, I fall well short. Often, I fall prey to time, effort or money. But I need to learn how to provide something more amidst those issues. 

How can you find something more in your work?