As we move in to 2017, what is it that keeps you from your creative endeavors? What stops you in your tracks when you consider what could be?


Fear is what keeps you from doing something new, creatively. Fear of failure, fear of what your pastor/board/congregation/elder might think. We all have things to fear when it comes to creativity.

What if instead of cowering from the things we are afraid of, we embrace them? What if, instead of not acting because of fear, we act in spite of our fears? We can all do something amazing in the next year. We can all push the boundaries in our churches. Not in a rebellious way...in a good way. But we have to overcome of fears. We have to embrace the idea that we could fail by taking a chance. We have to accept that the extra work will be worth it in the end.

As 2017 approaches, brace the fear that is within your creative imagination.

Fear is what keeps you from doing something new