When It All Goes Wrong

It was exactly 1:48pm when it all went wrong. 

A seemingly swell Monday was cruising. Then, someone could not access their network drive. Add one more to that list. Another drive is being sluggish. The internet speed checks out...wait a minute...now I can't drop files in to my network folder.

Without notice and without fail, it was all going wrong. 

Have you ever been there? That moment when the levee breaks and you are swimming for your life? 

Did I mention we also ran out of coffee?

What do we do in those situations?



I'd imagine we can all think of a time or two when everything just seems like it is going wrong. A file crashes before we save it. The worship team isn't learning the words. The footage was shot in 24p when you planned everything to be shot in 60p. On and on...the problems constantly seem to mount.

When this moment occurs, I have two reactions. The first, is the walk around frustrated and defeated. Hopefully, that doesn't last for long, because it won't help you find any solutions.

The second reaction is to take a step back and breathe.

Something I've come to understand is that whether the solution is simple or difficult; a quick fix or long-term issue; the solution will be found. You just have to breathe. In the moment where we slow down to catch out breathe, we find the clarity we need to make decisions. In the moment we stop and analyze, the solutions become lights that guide the way.

But we have to breathe.

Next time everything goes wrong (and it will), before you do anything else...just breathe.

Take a step back and breathe