Why We Gather

Last week, we hosted two wonderful Gatherings! One in Oklahoma City, and then in Tulsa on the very next night. For the CREATE:initiative team, it was a tremendous success!

These events were a tad different than any other we'd done before. First of all, it was the first time we had has consecutive "regional" events. Second, we did not include dinner. Just coffee and some delicious cookies!

Our purpose for doing this event differently was simple: we wanted to create an environment for relationships to grow. We were very intentional about providing opportunities to connect and share ideas. We have also been intentional about these moments, usually through the dinner; but this time, we allowed for more time to converse. We allowed for more time for relationships to be born. In our opinion (and hopefully yours) this is exactly what happened last week.

The desire of the CREATE:initiative is for local Church creatives to Connect, Learn and Grow. Over these last four years, we feel as though we have provided plenty of opportunities for all three, but in our efforts to provide teaching moments (aka: bringing in speakers), we are missing out on some opportunities for connection and ultimately growth.

That is why we Gather: To provide ample opportunities for Connection and Growth. 

Our next Gathering will be May 2, in Oklahoma City. We will have our old pal Kyle Scheele with us, and it will be a great night. It will be a night in which we will all learn. But hopefully, it will be a night where we can continue our connecting. Hopefully it will be a night where we can continue our growth together.

To provide ample opportunities for Connection and Growth.