Waking Up Early

Yes, this post is exactly what you think it is. It is a post about waking up early. 

No, not metaphorically, allegorically or even spiritually.

Waking up early, in the physical sense.



Now that we have that out of the way, let's discuss why waking up early can be important for creatives. I know as a "general rule," we creatives are the types who work all night and sleep all day. Basically we are rock stars or stand-up comedians in our sleep and work routines.

But do we have to be?

When we wake up early, we are setting ourselves up for productive days and restful evenings. Doesn't that sound great? Here are just a few positives about waking up early:

1. You can get work done.

Sometimes we like to work late hours because it is the only time we can get work done without distraction. If no one else is awake, there is no one to keep us from our work. Well, the same holds true for waking up at 5am. Do you know who is around that early? You and construction workers. That's it. What is great about working early, however, is that once you knock out a large portion of work, the rest of the world comes to life and you are emotionally and physically charged to deal with such people. You have already been mentally stimulated for a couple of hours, which enables you to be at the top of your game for your first batch of meetings.

2. You will be better rested.

I know this sounds crazy, but you will actually feel more rested when you wake up early. The reason, is because your body will make you go to bed early. If you have already been awake 12 hours by the end of the work day, your body will let you know it is time to rest. You may not go to sleep at 7pm, but there's a chance you will want to do nothing but relax. And you know what? This is a good thing. Too often, we work and get overstimulated late in the evening (9-10pm) which results in us not being able to sleep well, or at all overnight. By committing ourselves to waking up early, we are also committing ourselves to sleeping regularly at night, which means we will be more rested!

3. Creative Inspiration

Just look at that picture above. Are you not inspired? 



So here's the challenge? Will you commit to one month of waking up at least an hour earlier than normal? It's a real challenge. If you will take on this challenge, will you document your feelings, findings and overall thoughts? We would love to hear about your experiences!