Do Your Homework

Have you ever watched a video or read an article about a successful design firm or church creative team? I find myself doing this quite often. I am always looking for processes and how similar groups achieve their goals. I always want to be better in-house so I look out-of-house to see what tips and tricks I can learn.

When it comes to creating new and exciting work, I see a common denominator amongst all these production houses and creative teams.

They do their homework.

Each and every one of these teams puts in hours of research. They create mood boards, they look for best practices. They see ideas and learn what it took to make them achievable. They all did their homework.

I know, we don't have the kind of time they have. Who has time to scour the interwebs looking for images that inspire the look we are going for? Who has time to research a topic for a script? Who has time generate idea after idea and then whittling the ideas away to the best one?

The ones who have the time are the ones who create the most passionate work. 

The funny thing is, I bet if you ask these groups how they find the time, they would probably chuckle and mention how they wish they had more time as well.

I think the way you find time to do your homework is by prioritizing the time to do so. You only have time when you make time.

Make the time to do your homework.