Workshop: What to Expect


The CREATE:workshop is this coming Saturday (January 13, 2018), and whether you have already registered or are still on the fence; we just wanted to let you know what you can expect on to see.

The heart and purpose behind the Workshop is to provide a place for practical teaching in all things creative and tech, with the local church being the primary focus. If a person can walk away from the Workshop having learned at least one thing they can use at their church...then, we have met our goal.

As with all of our events, we want this to be a venue where creatives can Connect, Learn and Grow.

To kick off the morning, we are excited to have Elizabeth Isaac. Elizabeth is a registered patent attorney where she helps innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and businesses protect their inventions, brands, designs, music, and other creative works to leverage their intellectual property portfolios and enhance their business options. During her talk, Elizabeth will focus on how we as creatives can protect our Intellectual Property, as well as how we can avoid infringing on someone's IP. 

After the opening session, we will begin the breakouts! This year, we have breakouts covering the areas of Worship Teams, Audio, Lighting, Video, Design and Creative Team Leading. Most of the breakouts are offered twice to give every person the opportunity to attend as many difference areas of interest as possible. 

Breakouts include:

  • Audio 101
  • Leading a Worship Team
  • Using Tracks in Worship
  • Lighting for Worship Services
  • Basic Video Principles
  • Basic Storytelling
  • Principles of Design
  • Social Media Strategy

There is something offered for anyone who has creative interests in the local church. The heart is to be practical enough with each class that any church size, model, tradition and budget can be impacted in a positive manner. Again, if a person can walk away learning one thing they can use...then the day is a success!

If you haven't registered for the Workshop this weekend, would you consider doing so? For $25 you will have access to all the breakouts and lunch is included on-site! You won't want to miss it!