3 Reasons to be at the Gathering!

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Our next CREATE:gatherings are November 5, in Oklahoma City; and November 6, in Tulsa. If you have attended one of our Gatherings in the past, we hope you have found it to be fun and informational. Hopefully, you will be coming in November!

If you have yet to attend a Gathering, may we present three reasons why we think you’ll enjoy it?

Connecting with Church Creatives

The focus of every Gathering is to help local church creatives connect with each other. Sure, we hope you learn a ton during our presenters message, but ultimately, if you can make a connection with at least one other creative, the job is done. We can each grow in our craft just by knowing the right people to bounce ideas off, and every gathering presents an opportunity for you to connect with other idea makers.

Hearing from Creative Leaders

Each meeting will feature a Creative who has something valuable to share. This month, for instance, Jordan Farris will be discussing time management and prioritizing work and life. He has undergone his own transition in managing priorities and is excited to share. The focus of each of these speaking times it to help us all learn as creatives. The more we can learn, the better at our craft we will be.


We all like free, right? Well, this event is entirely free to attend. There will be drinks and snacks available, and every once in a while, some free resources. What’s not to love about free?



If you have been on the fence about attending, hopefully these three reasons might be enough to persuade you. We would love to see you in either OKC or Tulsa, and ultimately, we would love to see you be a part of this fantastic community! You can find more information about the evenings and register here!