3 Steps for Stunning Church Graphics

3-Steps for Grpahics.jpg

A few years ago I would’ve never considered myself a “graphic designer,” and maybe that’s where you are at now. Maybe you make graphics for your church either as a staff member or even a volunteer, but you wouldn’t consider yourself a “professional.” I get that!

But as I got more and more comfortable opening up a new document and creating graphics from scratch, I found myself using the same tools over and over. I found that these are tools that have helped me grow as a designer and have guided me to where I am now.


They say fonts have their own personalities and this is important to think about when choosing the perfect font. Luckily there are tons of free resources out there for great fonts, so you’re not stuck to the ones that come default on your computer. (In fact, I’d recommend downloading some new ones because they tend to be higher quality.)





Adding a bit of photography to your work is a great way to add some texture and visual interest. Of course, there is such a thing as copyright infringement so you can’t pull just any image off of Google Images. But there are a ton of great resources to get high-quality graphics for your church. Some free and some paid, I’ve included some of my favorite resources for finding the perfect image and texture for my work.





Just like fonts, colors tend to have their own personality as well. They carry certain emotions and feeling with them which is a perfect tool to evoke the desired emotion in your viewers. Whether sadness, excitement, or peace, the right colors can make the viewer feel any certain way.

But not all colors work well together!

Luckily there are great tools out there for finding the color schemes that work well together. These are tools I find myself using all the time to be sure that my colors fit.




Of course, while these are great tools, one of the most important parts to having a tool is knowing how to use it, right? You wouldn’t start whacking a nail into a piece of wood with a drill! It’s the same thing in graphic design. Just because you have access to these fonts doesn’t mean any font works for any situation. Another example is how colors can evoke a sense of emotion and how to be conscious of that when picking out colors that work together!

Luckily these ideas are not complicated ideas! And what that means is that anyone can create beautiful graphics for their church! In fact, I discovered a 3 step process that I use to churn out beautiful graphics in as little as 90 seconds. Yes! 90 seconds! I actually timed it! The best part is you don’t need any former graphic design experience, you don’t even need the fancy software like Photoshop to use this process! I put together a Free 5 Minute Training session to walk you through this 3 step process to create Beautiful Graphics in 90 seconds. This is available to you right now, and I’m excited to share it with you!


Hey, I'm Sam! My goal is to simplify church media so you can get back to focusing on your ministry. At SmartDeZign.church I try to help you push church media forward in order to spread the name of Jesus, so you can spend less time stressing yourself out learning video editing or design principles!