Best Creative Tools for Under $100

Photo by    Jeff Sheldon    on    Unsplash

As creatives, there are many tools to be used, instruments to wield, and ideas to capture. All these items can be particularly useful, but they are not always affordable. Sometimes, however, we all can find a real diamond in the rough when it comes to creative tools on the cheaper end of the cost spectrum. Below are just a few items we have found to be incredibly useful, all for less than $100.

What tools have you found to be incredibly useful? Please leave a note in the comments below!

SanDisk 256GB Flash Drive

This small flash drive fits nicely into a laptop to provide up to 256GB of extra storage space. This is an excellent tool for on-the-road creatives to use and frees up their internal hard drive for high-performance tasks.

SONY Headphones

Every creative needs a good pair of headphones. Whether you do field recording, audio work, or just need good tunes to work with, headphones are invaluable. These Sony headphones are fabulous for an affordable price. Sure, they aren’t Bose noise-canceling variety, but they get the job done with little hassle! A bonus is the extra long cord and 1/4” adapter included.

HDMI/SDI Converter

This Black Magic bi-directional HDMI/SD converter has been a life-saver for many a live event production. This tiny box can take an HDMI signal and switch to SDI for long runs, or go from SDI to HDMI if needed.