Optimize Your Morning


As creatives, we are prone to be…let’s just say…not morning people. There’s something about our inner-selves that often comes alive in the wee hours of the night.

I (Jayson Evans) too was a night-owl.

Emphasis on the was.

Today, I fancy myself as a morning person. Yes, it still shocks me a little when I say it, but over the last 6-8 years, I have learned the value of being a person who can do creative work in the morning.

It wasn’t an easy transition, but there was one key ingredient to helping me make the switch: Optimizing my Morning.

What do I mean by this? Simply creating a routine that can help me be successful everyday. I love a good routine, and when I find one that works, it is very difficult to break out of it. If we can strive to routinize our mornings, we can become much better during the morning hours.

So what are a few key ingredients to optimizing your morning? Well, I’m glad you asked.


Ok, this seems obvious, but in order to have a productive morning, we have to be able to wake up early. Routinely, I will wake up between 4-4:30am. Some days it is later, but ideally, I will wake up that early. Now, in order to be able to sustainably wake up at 4, I must be willing to go to bed early the night before…but it is worth it.


Try to eat a good breakfast 30 minutes into your morning. This gets your metabolism and motivation going. If you aren’t a breakfast person, try smoothies or protein bars. Just eat something that will get your body going.


Some people enjoy journaling at night, but I have found that the morning is when my mind is the freshest. If I journal the night before, I tend to only write out of my frustrations of the day (which can be a good outlet). When I journal in the morning, it allows me to dream of what the day could bring.


Before I leave the house, I will check my day calendar and run through my email one time. This allows me to prep for my day by knowing what meetings to expect and also allows me to get a jump on knocking out the email list when I get to work.

When I experience an optimized morning, I find that between 7-11am I am at my most creative. As a result, I attempt to front-load my work day with projects that involve the highest mental capacity. I might hold off on emails and focus on a video for the entire morning.

Once I feel that my brain is ready for a break, I will tackle the more mundane tasks of email, organization, maintenance, etc.

Becoming a morning person isn’t the easiest thing for some of us, but I have found it to be revolutionary to my creative being. By optimizing my morning, I am able to knock out projects quicker and stimulate creativity faster and more effectively.