Slow Down

As creatives, we get caught up in the run and gun of life. One project leads to another. Balancing several projects on spinning plates. Hustling to line up the next project. Sometimes, it feels like it never stops.

In the Christian calendar, we have moved into the season of Lent. This is a time of repentance and making room for Jesus in our lives. It is a time to walk with Christ through the wilderness for forty days. It is a time to journey with Him to the cross. Before we can celebrate the resurrection, we must contemplate his suffering unto death.

So, how does this relate to creatives? Well, part of the observance of Lent is to make room for Jesus in our lives. It is to take time to reflect on how we can walk with Him. 

As creatives, we an often find ourselves living with little or no room in our lives. We run with zero margin. Moving from job to job, project to project, leaves us feeling burnt out and exhausted. 

Sometimes, we just have to slow down.

Lent is a great reason to slow down. It is a great reason to take a breath and focus on our Creator. For the next few weeks, what if we were intentional about creating space in our lives to rest, reflect and live in the calmness of Christ?

It might make all the difference in our lives.